Cake Information

We have provided further detail on the the products and services that Cherry Blossom Cakes offers.
If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

Cake Flavours and Fillings

Cherry Blossom Cakes is able to offer a number of different cake flavour options, but our most popular by far are dark chocolate mud cake and white chocolate mud cake. The dark chocolate mud cake is filled and coated with a rich dark chocolate gancahe and the white chocolate mud cake is filled and coated with a while chocolate ganache.

Our other delicious flavours are moist carrot cake, bountiful banana cake, orange and almond cake (gluten free), coconut cake. All of these cakes are filled with either dark or white chocolate ganache. We can also do a fruit cake which would be covered with mazipan.

If you have a particular flavour that you would like and it is not currently part of our range, please discuss this with us.

All of our cakes are covered with a thin layer of plain or coloured fondent icing to produce a wonderfully smooth finish. If you wish to just have your cake covered with the chocolate ganache, this can be done and you can choose between either a ‘rough’ or smooth finish.